The Lab

The lab is currently a two node cluster based around vSphere 5.5.
Both hosts are ML350 G6 servers, the first node is a dual quad-core Intel E5620 system with 84GB RAM with an added SAS Expander card to allow the use of a second 8-bay disk shelf.
The second host has dual hex-core Intel E5645 with 96GB RAM.
Both hosts have the optional 1GB FBWC for the onboard controller and around 1TB of local SAS disk each.
The shared storage used is a Synology DS1513+ with three Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSDs and two  3TB WD RED. Currently here is a 1TB SSD LUN as well as a 512GB SATA LUNs presented over iSCSI to the two hosts and the rest of the storage makes up a NFS/SMB/AFS share holding the multi-TB photo archive.
For backup there is a 2-bay 2TB ReadyNAS for ISO images and virtual appliances.
Unattached as this time is a HP MSA1500 FC array with two shelves full of 300GB 10K disks. (The reason it is unused is due to the noise!!)
The servers and storage back onto a Cisco SG-500X 24-port gigabit switch which also can support up to 4x 10Gb connections. At some point the 10Gb interfaces will be connected to the ESX hosts when budget allows.
The switch is directly linked to the a UPC Cable router which is 250Mbps download and 10Mbps upload.

Future expansion?
10Gb baby!

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